Kitchen Remodel – Where Do I Begin?

You need  to remodel your kitchen, but where do you begin? It’s probably easier said than done, and with our busy lives, it’s tough to start such an important and delicate remodeling project in your home.

The kitchen is comprised of so many items like appliances, flooring, countertops, cabinets, islands, that it can become an overwhelming project to take on. Let’s look at some ways you can jumpstart your kitchen remodeling project!

Identify your needs

Kitchens come in many different varieties and styles. You can opt for a gourmet kitchen or a family kitchen. But that may not be your style. You might want to add your own touch and create your own style by taking some details from the other styles. Some of the things you want to consider are:

Who usually cooks the most?

What kitchen equipment is used more often?

Do you use your kitchen to entertain your guests?

You must be extremely thorough. The clearer you can identify your wants and needs, the easier it will be to put together a rendering showing exactly how your new kitchen will look like. Be aware of the location of the kitchen within the house as this will allow you to pinpoint the changes you want to make and at the same time include the features that are missing.

Know your budget

This is probably the toughest part of your kitchen remodel project: establishing (and sticking to) a budget. There will be additional items once the kitchen remodel begins that you will have to include in your budget, so it’s recommended you budget an additional cushion (usually 20% of your total budget) into your project. A well-established budget will prevent you many headaches along the way.

Make sure you do your research prior to allocating costs into your budget. For example, you may love the look of stainless-steel appliances, but the price tag is too high. Once you have identified an appliance you like, shop around, as there may be a store that could be having a sale or promotional offer.

What if you love granite countertops? You understand it can break the budget. Granite is extremely popular due it its resistance to moisture, scratching, and high heat. There’s no reason you can’t work it into your plan. If the cost will be too high to use it for every countertop, you can limit its use for specific areas of the kitchen such as an island or to the areas bordering the range. You can use other materials such as laminate or ceramic tile for the other areas of the countertop you are remodeling.

Set a timeline

The time it takes to complete your kitchen remodel project will vary. It will strongly depend on the size and details of your project, such as material availability. However, you may still be asking yourself, what is a good timeframe? How long should my remodeling project take?

Hiring a kitchen remodel contractor will help you create the perfect timeline for your project. Through their experience, they know exactly how long the project will take and this will maintain them in check, keep you within budget and update you with the progress. However, you need to be aware that most of the timeline will be occupied by product research, shopping, designing and preparing. Once those steps have been completed, the actual remodeling part of the project should take less time.

Remember, don’t leave the remodeling project for the last minute. If you want your kitchen remodeled by the holidays, it’s best to give yourself ample time and start planning your project as early as possible, such as the beginning of the year. In some instances, a kitchen remodel can be completed much faster if you use time wisely.

Shop, shop, shop

Now it’s the time to have some fun! Even if you have a contractor, an interior designer or are doing some of the remodeling yourself, you get to make the final decision on the materials you want to incorporate in your kitchen remodel. Make sure you are meticulous when making final decisions on the items you want to use and keep in mind you don’t need to buy everything in one place.

Make a list prior to starting your shopping “spree”. You can include the following:

  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Backsplash
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Accessories
  • Sinks and faucets


There’s a lot to learn within each item mentioned above. So much, that it will behoove you to make a list of the different brands, durability, installation methods, maintenance, warranties and more, as this will certainly influence your final (kitchen) masterpiece and its cost.

While shopping, don’t just limit yourself to online shopping. Nothing compares to shopping in person, especially with items that your five senses will be appreciating daily. You can visit showrooms and trade shows, even check out specialty stores.

Doing this will allow you to better understand how the features of these items will facilitate and help create a modern environment in your home. They will add value, both financial and emotional, because in the end, some of the most memorable experiences in one’s life happen in the kitchen, the heart of the home.

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