Custom Decks

Custom decks are one of the best home improvement projects you can do. A custom deck increases your property value, and you enjoy every minute of it! Having a functional and attractive outdoor space to cook, dine, relax, and entertain is one of life’s pleasures. A custom build gives you the opportunity to design your deck to your liking. If you want to add a deck, repair, or replace an existing deck, we can help.

Tackling a deck project yourself sounds easy, but ask yourself, do you really want to spend the next several weekends trying to learn how to build a deck? Let us save you the hassle and the time and get the results you want. With over 11 years of experience, you can feel confident that we will get the work done to your standard of quality.

Large custom desk attached to a brick house on a rainy day

Common Materials for Custom Decks:

  • Pressure-treated lumber:One of the most cost-effective options, this wood is treated to resist rot. However, it is susceptible to splitting, cracking and warping. It also requires diligent maintenance.
  • Cedar: Naturally resistant to warping and pests, cedar is a wonderful option if you like the look of wood and want something a little more durable. Also, keep in mind that cedar needs to be maintained and costs more than pressure-treated lumber.
  • Tropical Woods: Ipe (“ee-pay)” is a gorgeous South American hardwood naturally resistant to rot and very durable if sealed every year. Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive options.
  • Vinyl (PVC): Polyvinyl chloride decking requires no maintenance.  In addition, you can choose from tans, browns, white, and gray colors. It is a relatively affordable option compared to other decking materials.
  • Composite: Versatile and low-maintenance, composite is made of wood fibers and recycled polyethylene. You can choose from a wide range of colors and textures that closely resemble wood.

Common Styles for Custom Decks:

  • Attached Deck: One of the most common, this is a deck that is attached to usually the back of a home and is slightly elevated.
  • Wraparound Deck: This elevated deck attaches to more than one exterior wall and can usually be reached from more than one room. 
  • Detached or “Island” Deck: No good space next to your home for a deck but have a great spot in your yard? A detached deck goes anywhere in your yard.
  • Multi-Level Deck: This is a good option for yards with slopes or rocky landscaping since the deck levels can be built to fit the terrain.
  • Side-Yard Decks: Side yards are often overlooked and under-used. Transform your side yard into functional outdoor living space.  Add a private place to relax off off a bedroom, or an intimate outdoor dining space off of a kitchen.
  • Hot Tub or Swimming Deck: You can’t really enjoy your hot tub or pool if it’s hard to reach or lacks a place to lounge!
  • Garage or Rooftop Deck: Rooftop decks are a great solution for urban areas or if there is no yard space for a deck. 
Start enjoying more time relaxing outdoors without leaving your yard!

Pool Decks

Here at Anchor Remodel, we have installed countless pool decks over the years, a vast percentage of our customers request concrete as their material of choice and a design around their pool. We know first-hand not only how concrete is applied but also how well it holds up over time.

A pool deck can not only bring value to your home, but can also protect your pool and surrounding lawn area. Chlorine can damage your surroundings and kills grass and plants; this is common due to splashing. Having a deck can also protects your pool by preventing dirt and debris that may fall into the water due to diving and jumping by people walking around the area.

Having options like:

  • Stamped Concrete: With a large selection of designs and patterns: Brick –Wood –Travertine –Flagstone –Slate –Cobblestone –Natural stone. Stamped concrete can not only imitate other deck and patio materials, but it’s also a durable and cost-effective alternative compared to the real counterparts. This material is cheaper and easier to repair if damaged or if needed to be replaced.
  • Broom Finish:  Broomed /brushed concrete is a textured concrete that creates a slip-resistant surface with more character than just plain concrete.
  • Colors: With a range of solid colors that can be incorporated into the concrete around your pool, like shades of red, tan, green, black, etc. Stamped concrete typically uses two colors to achieve the desired effect. Overall concrete for your pool deck is a great option due to its cost-effectiveness, numerous options (stamps, textures, broomed, etc.), mimics expensive material, and durability.

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are carefully designed walls used to restrain soil in your yard. They stabilize sloped landscapes, prevent erosion, and manage storm water runoff and they create stunning outdoor living spaces.

In addition to being functional, retaining walls often become an artistic focal point of your landscape design