Design Build Process

The design build process is the right choice when considering new construction, additions or a significant investment in a major renovation. The design build process answers all the “what if”, “what is possible” and “what will it cost” questions you might have regarding your construction project. The process provides the homeowner and the contractor a fixed reference point to price the project based on the desired outcome to include all aspects of the project.

Some “small” projects are also candidates for the design build process if they involve removing interior or exterior walls or other major structural components.

If you are looking to create an open floor plan, create a new master bedroom suite, bump out the 2nd floor or add an addition to your home we provide everything necessary to get your project from the vision in your head to a fully permitted ready to build project.

What is a Design Agreement?
A design agreement is a contract between the homeowner and contractor in which the contractor provides initial schematics, engineering and architectural drawings, interior design and materials selections and all documentation and administrative requirements to provide the necessary permits for your proposed project.

A design agreement is NOT a contract to build. The construction agreement is executed after the design agreement process is complete.

If I complete a Design Agreement am I obligated to complete the project with Anchor?
No. You may choose to take the next steps and execute the construction with Anchor Remodel or any contractor of your choice. You will own the design and the right to build the project now or sometime in the future.
How much does a Design agreement cost?
A typical design agreement fee is 7.5% – 9% of the median price of the project. For example if the rough estimate of the project is between 150-200k the median price is $175,000 and the 9% fee would be $15,750.00.

We require 50% deposit to execute the design and the remainder of the fee is broken down according to the complexity of the project.

When will I know exactly how much it will cost to build my project?
With a full scope of work, completed drawings and detailed specifications all approved by you we can determine the exact cost of labor and materials for your project and offer options for value engineering the project. The execution of the project is completed under a separate construction agreement which includes all the details provided in the approved and permitted design.
How long does it take to complete a design and start my project?
Upon completion of the initial consultation you should expect to receive schematic drawings of your project within 30 days.

Once you have selected your preferred design concept it generally takes an additional 30-60 days to complete all required engineering and architectural requirements for permit ready drawings depending on the size and scope of your project.

The permitting process can take 60-90 days depending on your jurisdiction.
Project start dates are determined based on our current production schedule, final permit approval, the availability of materials and your desired schedule.

What are the deliverables included the Design Agreement?
Although no two projects are exactly the same you can expect the following to be provided:

-Initial on-site consultation with Contractor, Architect and Engineer
– Scope of Work
-As-Built Plans
-Minimum of 2 Schematic Drawings
-Proposed Plans including all interior and exterior elevations, electrical, plumbing, foundation, mechanical, and structural details
-Engineering Plans, Site Plans and Grading Plans
-Materials Selections and specifications for all components including flooring selections, lighting selections, interior and exterior trim, roofing, siding and all kitchen and bathroom components
-3-D Renderings and Layout to virtually “walk-through” each space.
-All trades fully permitted, project ready to build
-Anchor construction cost analysis and construction agreement

How will I know if a Design Agreement is right for me?
Please contact us to set up a no obligation initial consultation. During that 45 minute meeting we will determine your overall vision for the space, general scope of work and a rough budget and timeline for the project. We will determine if Anchor is a good match for your project and determine if our design build process is the right choice for your to realize your vision.