Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Services List

– Baseboard Installation.
– Basement Remodeling.
– Bathroom Remodeling.
– Brick Masonry.
– Composite Pergolas and 3 season or all-season sunrooms, decks and porches.
– Concrete Construction.
– Conversion of a 2nd or 3rd level space to a laundry room to get the laundry out of the basement.
– Countertop Installation.
– Deck Building.
– Deck Repair.
– Demolition.
– Design Build for major renovations, whole house remodeling and additions.
– Drywall Installation.
– Exterior Door Installation.
– Fiber Cement Siding.
– Fireplace Installation.
– Flooring Installation.
– Home Restoration.
– House Framing.
– Interior and Exterior glass, rod and stainless cable railing systems and stair systems by Viewrail
– Kitchen Remodeling.
– Laminate Flooring Installation.
– Lighting Installation.
– Masonry.
– Outdoor Kitchen Construction.
– Patios
– Pool House Design & Construction.
– Range Hood Installation.
– Retaining Walls.
– Shower Installation.
– Soffit Installation.
– Stone Masonry.
– Structural repairs such as sagging joists, roof trusses and structural framing repair.
– Tile Installation.
– Wainscoting.
– Whole House Remodeling.
– Window Installation.
– Window Replacement.
– Wood Floor Installation.
– Pool decks
– Masonry features
– Retaining walls
– Steps and natural stone
– Walkways

For realtors

We are here to help you sell more homes!

How do we do this? We help sellers increase the value of their homes by improving the functionality, curb appeal and safety. We resolve issues that might be found during an inspection. We help buyers understand their options and overcome any fears about completing a renovation that might be the deciding factor in their decision to purchase. We treat your sellers and buyers with the greatest respect and ensure a phenomenal customer service experience.

How long have you been in the Construction field?

Anchor Remodel has been providing creative landscape and construction services to the DMV since 2010.

What's your experience with realtors?

At Anchor Remodel, we have extensive experience working with realtors to enhance the marketability and value of homes. We collaborate closely with real estate professionals to address any pre-sale home improvement needs, ensuring that properties are in the best possible condition for listing.

Our services include everything from minor repairs and curb appeal enhancements to full-scale renovations. By resolving issues that might arise during inspections and creating appealing living spaces, we help realtors sell homes faster and at higher prices. Additionally, we provide detailed project documentation and clear communication to ensure a seamless experience for both realtors and their clients.

How can you provide value to my clients?

Renovations for sellers who have not updated their homes in years-we work with you to increase the overall value of the home to facilitate a timely sale for the highest possible price.

Renovations for sellers who may have some equity in their property but not cash to execute the renovation work-we offer “Renovate Now Pay Later” to partner with the realtor and Seller to collect payment for renovations when the property goes to closing.

Remodeling for buyers who found the right house in the right neighborhood but want to complete the kitchen, bathroom or basement renovation of their dreams and still stay in their overall home purchase budget.

For both buyers and sellers, we can ease the stress that may arise due to the home inspection report by providing a realistic, timely and accurate estimates to resolve inspection items. We provide a detailed scope of work to satisfy your buyers’ concerns and demonstrate to your sellers that we are completing the repair in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to maximize their cash at closing.

For realtors we recognize that this transaction is your livelihood and that we are a part of your clients overall experience, we take care of our relationships with our realtors to ensure we are promoting your business values, mission and brand.

What type of homes do you typically renovate?

Our specialties include single-family homes, townhomes, rowhouses, condos, high-rise residential buildings, and light commercial construction

Who oversees the construction and can answer my client questions?

Our customer service is managed directly by the owner and president of the company or our Operations Coordinator. We take full responsibility for the initial site inspection, scope of work, project supervision, and execution. Our office is staffed with full-time customer service, finance, and administrative professionals who handle contracts, insurance, permitting, scheduling, invoicing, and all other administrative details associated with your project.

Do you offer financing?

We offer several levels of financing with competitive rates and terms through our 3rd party lending partners. If you have equity in your home that you wish to use to fuel your renovation, we may recommend one of our real estate lenders if you wish to consider a home equity line for the project.

Will my client have the opportunity to make additional upgrades once the job has started?

Yes, we often start with a small project, and once clients see our work, they decide to proceed with the full remodeling project they initially envisioned. We are flexible and resourceful, allowing us to integrate the new work in a cost-effective manner that fits within their timeframe.

Are you insured?

We provide liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and commercial fleet insurance to cover all aspects of the project, including our employees, subcontractors, and vehicles.

Are you licensed?

We are licensed, VA CLASS A GENERAL CONTRACTOR #2705142216

For homeowners

Are you licensed and can you show me proof?
Yes, we provide liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and commercial fleet insurance to cover all aspects of the project, our employees and subcontractors and our vehicles.

Most states require some type of licensing and even if yours doesn’t, you should only hire licensed contractors. Why? Because licensed contractors are required to have some level of insurance and bonding, which would protect you from liability if the contractor is injured or damages property while completing the job.

In addition, if they’re not licensed, they are likely failing to comply with other laws. They may be unable to acquire permits and pass inspections. This can mean your project isn’t up to code or you will be ineligible to make warranty claims — which could cost you a lot more money later.

Are you bonded and can you shoe me proof?
Being bonded differs from being licensed. A bonded contractor has purchased a surety bond as protection to cover nonmedical or damage costs. This means if the contractor doesn’t complete a job, performs subpar work or fails to pay for permits or supplies, you can receive compensation from the surety company.
Do you provide a written contract for the work to be performed
Your contractor should be willing to provide you with a detailed contract that specifies all of the work to be performed. It should be an itemized list which includes permits and inspections, materials, product brand names if applicable, timelines and other terms and conditions. Having all expectations and expected completion dates in writing will avoid problems down the road.
What are the deposit and payment terms?

In addition to the work being clearly defined, the deposit and payment terms should be in writing. Contractors will general ask for a 50% deposit before beginning work, which is fair.​

Depending on the scope of the project, they may ask for payments at certain milestones, or just the other 50% at the completion of the job. NEVER pay a contractor the full amount before the work begins — or even before its completion.

Do you guarantee your work with a written warranty?
If a contractor won’t provide a guarantee of their work, this is a red flag. Your contractor should be able to guarantee their work, and be willing to redo reasonable work requests without charging you any extra money. A good contractor values long-term relationships with clients, so will often offer a two-year warranty on the work.
Who will be on my property and what is the schedule like?
Contractors often need to hire subcontractors, and if this is the case, they should be able to give you some idea who will be coming and going. They should also be able to reassure you that anyone who will be working on your property will be respectful of your property and family.

A good contractor will provide you with a basic schedule of when they plan to work as well as when certain parts of the job will be done. If your master bath is part of a renovation project, for example, you should have some idea of when you be unable to use it, when the water is likely to be turned off, etc.

What cleanup work is included?
It should be clearly stated in the contract who is responsible for carrying away construction debris. In addition, a good contractor tidies up the job site each day before they leave. This is especially important if you will be living in your home while the work is performed
How will I communicate with you and your team?
There may be days your contractor isn’t on your property but employees or subcontractors are, and who may be unable to answer your questions or concerns. A good contractor will ensure you know who to contact and how throughout the duration of your project.
Do you have examples of relevant projects and/or can you provide references?

Be wary of contractors who can’t provide you with detailed photos or videos of recent work that is relevant to your project. If you’re hiring a contractor to remodel a master bath and they can only show you photos of decks and patios, this is a red flag.​

Good contractors rely on word-of-mouth referrals and should have plenty of previous clients who can vouch for their work, either as testimonials on their website or clients who are willing to speak to you.